abcfinlab joins Maschinenraum

The future of financial services for medium-sized businesses becomes a member of Maschinenraum

press release | 02.12.2020

abcfinlab, the Corporate Startup of abcfinance GmbH, becomes a member of Maschinenraum, the platform from Mittelstand for Mittelstand. As part of the Werhahn Group, abcfinance GmbH has been in the market for more than 40 years and is a trusted financing partner for medium-sized companies. Together with Maschinenraum and the other member companies of the platform, abcfinlab wants to create an innovative way for family businesses to take advantage of financial services.

"I am very pleased that abcfinlab is joining Maschinenraum. abcfinlab, abcfinance and the Werhahn Group are important pillars for the German Mittelstand and therefore a perfect partner for us. Together with our other member companies, we want to create the next generation of Mittelstand by sharing experience and resources," says Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum.

abcfinlab sees itself as an innovation driver and developer of digital and innovative business models in the leasing and factoring sector. The financing of small and medium-sized businesses is its top priority. As the backbone of the German economy, small and medium-sized companies account for a large part of all investments as well as jobs and training positions. With new, digital business models, which are to be created from the exchange with other family-owned companies at Maschinenraum, abcfinlab, as an incubator for new digital financial products, wants to be a future driver for SMEs through user-centered solutions in the leasing and factoring sector.

"We look forward to continuing our digital journey together with other companies from similar backgrounds and to learning with and from each other. Through the exchange of experience, we can jointly master challenges, both in the development of digital products and the accompanying organizational presentation," says Markus Wernicke, Managing Director of abcfinlab.

About Maschinenraum:

Maschinenraum is a shared innovation ecosystem that brings together German medium-sized and family-owned companies to jointly create a future worth living for future generations. As a catalyst of industrial change, Maschinenraum supports companies by sharing resources, methods and infrastructure. With its network and knowledge of established companies, start-ups and innovation drivers, Maschinenraum enables its members to learn from each other and together shape the next generation of Mittelstand. Originating from the transformation history of the Viessmann Group, Maschinenraum is a neutral platform from Mittelstand for Mittelstand.

About abcfinlab:

abcfinlab was founded in 2018. The company is a corporate startup of the Werhahn Group and, as an innovation driver and developer, drives digital and innovative business models forward. abcfinlab develops new products and implements them with the help of state-of-the-art technologies as an incubator for the abcfinance Group, which also belongs to the Werhahn Group. Currently abcfinlab employs more than 30 people.

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