Who We Are

Maschinenraum unites the power of German Mittelstand and family-owned businesses to build sustainable solutions for the future. We do this by building an open peer-to-peer environment for long-term collaborations and innovation. In this shared innovation ecosystem we build awareness and connections to new realities, we shape mindsets and agendas of organisations and facilitate execution and collective action for innovation and courage in Germany.

Our Heritage

Originating from the transformation history of the Viessmann Group, Maschinenraum is an independent ecosystem from Mittelstand for the Mittelstand. Since 2015, Viessmann has been working courageously on the cultural and digital transformation of its own business. The company, which is more than 100 years old, has gained a great deal of experience on its own journey through the generational transition from Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann to his son Maximilian Viessmann. Viessmann would like to share this knowledge and experience in order to continuously learn and to collaboratively work on innovations with other companies.

Our Space

Housed in an impressive seven-floor landmark building in the heart of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, Maschinenraum provides a unique experience for Mittelstand companies who wish to connect, to collaborate and to innovate in equal measure. On 4.500 m², modern and minimalist design meets the historic charm of the original building - the “Goldpunkt” shoe factory. The building was redesigned by Pott Architects and A T L R / L K V.

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The entrance to Maschinenraum

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Maschinenraun from the outside

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Basement at Maschinenraum

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A Hunderwasser pole at Maschinenraum

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Guest reception at Maschinenraum

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Historic staircase at Maschinenraum

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Café for member and their guests

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Co-Innovation open-plan work area

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Main event room at Maschinenraum

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Lounge for members and their guests

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Lounge chairs to relax in

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Unique 'Touch' artwork by Christian Falsnaes

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Modern and minimalist design at Maschinenraum

Our Values


From Mittelstand for Mittelstand

We believe in the power of German Mittelstand and have passion for bringing out the best in all of us!


Viessmann + X

We share our Viessmann experience and open our network of change makers for you. We know how to execute!



We learn from others, by helping them. We love to collaborate and co-create!



We experience the pitfalls and successes of transformations. We did the downs for you, so you don’t have to!

Our Team

We create the next generation of Mittelstand. We are a purpose-driven team, always looking for new team members who share our values and passion for digital transformation and Mittelstand companies.

Our News

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