Basalt AG joins Maschinenraum

Basalt AG cooperates with other Mittelstand companies in Maschinenraum

press release | 17.02.2021

Linz am Rhein / Berlin

The building materials company Basalt AG is becoming a part of the shared innovation ecosystem Maschinenraum. Already more than 22 German medium-sized and family-owned companies have formed the alliance to work together on the challenges of digital transformation and the changing reality of the working world. Basalt AG's goal is to optimize its own plans and strategies through the exchange of experience in a way that enhances employer branding and fosters the development of digital solutions that are in line with customer needs and market requirements.

Basalt AG is a national and international leader in its four business segments - mineral building materials, asphalt mixes, building materials recycling/landfill, and construction chemicals. In order to lay the foundation for further success, Basalt AG is developing new digital applications to increase customer benefits while improving internal processes. These solutions are intended to make it easier for customers to plan construction sites and to make the overall process seamless. The expansion of the required IT and IoT infrastructure both internally and to the customer is also on the agenda.

The impulse for digital topics and talent acquisition

"Above all the projects we are currently initiating is the question: What does the future generation expect from us? That's why we are looking very closely at the increasing industrial challenges on the customer side, the requirements of young employees, and measures in terms of sustainability, where we are looking for suitable solutions," explains Dr. Philipp Hoff, Head of Corporate Development and Digital at Basalt AG. "However, this is a process that not only we are going through, but all companies. For us, it is logical that we join Maschinenraum. This innovation ecosystem allows us to get new impulses, digital trends and recruitment insights, and also opportunity to share our own experience."

"A medium-sized company like Basalt AG, which is active at many international locations, can already tackle modernization and digitalization from within the company due to its diverse experiences. However, it also makes sense to engage not only in internal exchanges but also in cooperative ventures with other companies from other industries. With Maschinenraum, we have developed the right platform for this: here, companies can learn from and with each other in a protected environment in order to ultimately master their own transformation," says Tobias Rappers, Managing Director at Maschinenraum.

About Maschinenraum: 

Maschinenraum is a shared innovation ecosystem, bringing together German Mittelstand and family-owned businesses in order to jointly develop new realities and drive their digital transformation. Already more than 22 family businesses – including Viessmann, Fiege Logistik, Dussmann Service and Paracelsus Kliniken – have joined Maschinenraum to jointly drive the digital transformation.

About Basalt AG:

Under the leadership of Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft (BAG), which was founded in 1888, the natural stones business unit of the Werhahn Group bundles four business segments with a total of more than 4,000 employees in around 330 modern operating facilities: mineral raw materials, asphalt mixes, construction materials recycling/depollution and construction chemicals. In addition to Germany, Sweden and the Benelux countries, the business unit operates in the Central and Eastern European countries of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Hungary. 

In the Mineral Resources business area, hard rock is extracted from 90 of the company's own quarries, processed and marketed on a regional basis. A significant proportion of the raw materials is also used for the production of asphalt mixes in 175 of our own plants. The Construction Chemicals business sector produces and sells mainly bituminous sealants for road construction and building construction. The Construction Materials Recycling/Disposal business unit processes, markets and stores uncontaminated construction waste.

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