Dr. Sasse Group joins the Maschinenraum innovation ecosystem

press release | 02.06.2021

München / Berlin

The family-owned Dr. Sasse Group, a full-service provider in the field of facility management for companies, becomes part of Maschinenraum. The alliance of around 25 Mittelstand companies, as well as university partners and other innovators, are working together on the digital transformation of German Mittelstand. The Dr. Sasse Group wants to use the exchange with other members of Maschinenraum to sustainably shape its own change process and to explore cooperations in the area of digital services. 

Currently, the company founded in 1976 by Dr. Eberhard Sasse is undergoing a generational change: daughters Clara and Dr. Laura Sasse will join the board of directors in January 2022, which also includes their mother Dr. Christine Sasse.

Unique exchange among like-minded people

With the claim to offer excellent "service-on-demand", the Dr. Sasse Group has made a name for itself in facility management. Most of the more than 6,500 employees of the Dr. Sasse Group do not have a desk of their own, but are operationally on duty in the properties of their customers – in addition to shopping centres, for example, also airports and public transport companies. Communication therefore largely takes place via smartphones, which is both a relief and a challenge.

"The use of new technologies in facility management is changing the usual processes when working for our customers. This also affects internal processes, which can increasingly be mapped digitally. In order to face these changes confidently, we are working on the mindset shift cautiously and across departments " says Dr. Christine Sasse, Head of HR/Organisation at the Dr. Sasse Group. 

Dr. Laura Sasse is responsible for innovation management in the family-owned company. She drives constant process optimization through the use of digital solutions. "To this end, we have been working with other companies or in associations in our industry for years. Now we are taking the next step in this development and are looking for an exchange in Maschinenraum with companies from outside the industry that have had or are currently having similar experiences in terms of digitalisation. The focus on medium-sized and family businesses, which share many values as like-minded people, makes this possible in a unique way," says Dr Laura Sasse, CDO of the Dr Sasse Group.

"As a shared innovation ecosystem from Mittelstand for Mittelstand, we offer the ideal environment to mutually benefit in an intimate exchange. With the generation change, the Dr. Sasse Group is at a decisive point in its history. I am convinced that the connection to Maschinenraum will provide the right impetus to successfully position the company for the future," says Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum.

About Maschinenraum:

Maschinenraum, a shared innovation ecosystem from Mittelstand for Mittelstand, unites German Mittelstand and family businesses to boldly shape the future. More than 20 family businesses – including Viessmann, Fiege Logistik, Dussmann Service and Paracelsus Kliniken – have already joined Maschinenraum to jointly drive the digital transformation of Mittelstand. 

About Dr. Sasse Gruppe:

The Dr. Sasse Group is a family-run, internationally active company. As a provider of integrated facility management services, we have been a competent partner for the real estate industry, industrial and leisure companies, trade as well as the aviation and transport sectors for 45 years. In 2020, 6,500 employees worked for the group of companies.

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