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From Construction to Smart City

a Tech in Construction Satellite

Digitalisation reaches all areas of our lives and enables more efficient and optimised processes and innovative applications. In addition, there are new technologies that enable completely new business models and products. This event gives an overview of new trends, technologies and concrete application examples as inspiration for your own work in the field of construction tech, smart energy and smart city. How can we medium-sized companies best use new technologies such as DLT and AI? How can I gain real value from existing data? What are the challenges and the solutions for Construction, Smart Building and Smart Cities? Use cases from the IoT, smart energy, smart building, construction tech and the newest applications show the feasibility.

Thursday, 14.11.2019, 18:00 - 22:00

at Maschinenraum, Zionskirchstraße 73A, 10119 Berlin

18:20 - Welcome to Maschinenraum

18:40 - Open Innovation Story #1: IOTA an the City of Trondheim, Norway

City Xchage Program use cases Smart City, Smart Building, and Energy, and the usage of Distributed Ledger Technology
Holger Koether, IOTA Foundation

19:00 - How to boost the energy sector out of the Stone Age into the 21st Century

Dr. Andreas Baumgarten, PeerOS

19:20 - Open Innovation Story #2: Overcoming Data and system fragmentation

How we can accomplish seamless interoperability and build the next generation of Smart City & Construction tech products.
Benedikt Herrmann, Q-nnect AG

19:40 - Panel: Tech Trends in the Construction Sector

How latest AI & DLT technologies and new governance approaches may trailblaze the digitalisation of the construction industry.
Regine Haschka-Helmer, IOTA Foundation
Florian Schulze, OICOS
Marius Mrosek, Viessmann
Virginia Palm, Thinkt.Digital

#construction industry #cable industry #iot #corporate innovation #data anlytics #economic engines analytics

20:30 Networking, Drinks and Snacks


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