Marantec Company Group becomes part of the innovation ecosystem Maschinenraum

press release | 16.03.2021

Marienfeld / Berlin

Marantec Company Group (MCG), a network of specialists in the field of comprehensive drive and automation systems, will become a member of Maschinenraum, a shared innovation ecosystem from Mittelstand for Mittelstand. Already, more than 20 German mid-sized and family-owned companies have formed an alliance with Maschinenraum to work together on digital transformation and changing the world of work. In this environment, MCG will expand its activities around digital business models - such as for its connectivity brand maveo. In addition, the corporate group is striving for cooperation with other member companies, for example for IoT, infrastructure or digital projects.

The open approach to future technologies characterizes the Marantec Company Group's claim to make doors safe and sustainable in both the private and commercial sectors. In this way, the globally active group of companies is developing from a product manufacturer to a function supplier. In parking space management, MCG is already positioned accordingly: Whereas in the past only drives and parking barriers were supplied, the Group now offers a complete range of services for parking management, including digital service and maintenance solutions. Even here, cooperation with external partners - mostly start-ups - plays a decisive role.

Networking with like-minded people

By joining the Maschinenraum, the Marantec Company Group is now specifically looking for exchange and cooperation with other medium-sized companies that are eager to innovate. It is conducive to this that MCG is undergoing a transformation process towards an open network organization. This makes the conditions ideal for collaboration both internally and with external partners.

"In the Maschinenraum, we network with like-minded people and want to actively show our face. Behind this is the conviction that this is the only way we can drive forward the transformation for us as a company but also with a view to the entire Mittelstand sector. All members are united by this mindset, and all want to make a difference. For the Marantec Company Group, the Maschinenraum, therefore, forms the ideal ecosystem for establishing and expanding digital business models with the greatest possible impact," says Kerstin Hochmüller, CEO of the Marantec Company Group.

"When it comes to digital transformation, you need energetic pioneers. That is exactly what the Marantec Company Group is, on its way from an industrial manufacturer to a digital open champion. Above all, the challenges of our time need cooperation. The merger with the member companies of the Maschinenraum is, therefore, a consistent step towards taking the next development stages," says Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of the Maschinenraum.

About the Maschinenraum:

Maschinenraum is a shared innovation ecosystem, bringing together German Mittelstand and family-owned businesses in order to jointly develop new realities and drive their digital transformation. Already more than 20 family businesses – including Viessmann, Fiege Logistik, Dussmann Service and Paracelsus Kliniken – have joined Maschinenraum to jointly drive the digital transformation.

About the Marantec Company Group:

The Marantec Company Group, headquartered in East Westphalia, is a globally active group of companies with more than 500 employees. As a partner for comprehensive drive and automation systems, the company combines mechanics, electronics and connectivity to create new, intelligent solutions for private and commercial use.

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