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Co-Creating the Next Generation of Mittelstand

Maschinenraum Communications Circle brings together decision-makers, managers and other relevant contacts and experts from Maschinenraum member companies to discuss issues and challenges relating to corporate communications. The focus of the Circle is on open and confidential exchange as well as the sharing of learnings, best practices and experiences in order to learn from and with each other.

Change needs framing

The challenge

The transformation of a company can only succeed if it goes hand in hand with open communication. But digitization has thoroughly turned proven processes and channels upside down. Instead of top-down, everyone communicates bottom-up, two-way, cross-media. What does successful digital corporate communications look like today?

The solution

We support medium-sized and family-owned companies in remaining future-proof and agile and in turning their defined corporate strategy into reality. In Maschinenraum Communications Circle, member companies learn from each other's experiences.



Transparency is the order of the day. Only those who clearly communicate strategies, decisions, and contexts can sustainably and successfully engage the workforce.


Digital tools & processes

Digital communication is here to stay – implementing the right tools and reaching employees across departments will determine the future viability of companies.


Communication = Culture

A healthy corporate culture is characterized by open communication. This includes not only what is said: Actions and attitudes also pay off.


Creating meaning

Defining a purpose is one thing – bringing it into the organization and bringing it to life depends on the right communication strategy.

Maschinenraum Communications Circle

answers question as...

  • How do we accompany the transformation in terms of communication?

  • How do we reach blue collar workers and administrators in equal measure?

  • How do we communicate transparently in times of crisis?

  • How do we set an example of open communication at the management level?

  • What digital tools (social intranet, app) do we use for internal communication?

  • How do we establish a positive culture of error?

  • How do we reach and motivate employees in times of remote work?

  • Which social media activities are useful and effective for us?



Town Hall Meeting

06.07.2021 10:00-12:00

With the Circle Town Hall, the Communication Circle goes into the planning of the upcoming Deep Dives. During the joint workshop, Circle members share their current challenges and develop the topic agenda for the coming months. The exchange also offers the opportunity to get to know each other better and to network.

Online | Past event

Kommunikation zu Blue-Collar-Workern

01.06.2021 10:00–11:30

How do we reach and communicate with employees who do not have a company laptop or computer but work in production or other areas of the company? The Circle Kick-Off brings together experts and managers from Maschinenraum companies for the first time.


Bianka Wittmann, Head of Communication

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