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Maschinenraum Innovation Management Circle

In our Innovation Management Circle, we bring together participants with different expertise: those responsible for innovation in the core businesses and experts in validating new ideas. The exchange aims towards establishing a connection between our members and fosters discussion on challenges as well as learning experiences.

The Challenge

Secure competitiveness

German Mittelstand stands for technology and innovation leadership worldwide. However, many medium-sized companies still lack the necessary innovation competence and posses a rather low awareness of culture that secures their long-term competitive position.

The Strategy

Central innovation units

The creation of central innovation units is intended to ensure and continuously transfer technological trends, sociological change and new business models to one's own core business. Ideas should be validated accordingly and supported in their implementation.

Innovation Management Circle

Mittelstand’s requirements for innovation management are rather individual and as diverse as their organization is. The Maschinenraum invites its members to learn together and from each other.


Vehicle and Team

Which structure and organizational units make sense for my company?



How do we create a culture for company’s management as well as for employees that calls for encouraging new ideas?


Processes & Methods

How do I design an effective validation of ideas for entrepreneurial and strategic sense?


Skills & Resources

How do I involve the relevant people and get to the implementation-potential employees?


Involvement & Traction

How do we create and receive the necessary buy-in for management as well as employees?



Innovation Management Circle | Methods & tools of idea validation

14. July 2021 16:00-18:00

Through impulses and in the joint workshop, methods & tools are presented that simplify idea validation in innovation management. Methodological experience from Viessmann (Mito Mihelic, Head of Design Strategy) and Amazon (Olaf Schmitz, former Head of Business Development Europe) will give participants access to the toolset of an innovation team.

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Innovation Management Circle | Driving digital transformation through innovation

23. June 2021 10:00-11:30

What role does an innovation unit play in the context of the (digital) transformation of the entire company ? Is there a "mission for transformation" for the innovation team? Uwe Michaelis, DAW, Caspar Schauseil, Knauf, und Birgit Dillmann, Lauda/, bring their views and approaches to the discussion.

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Innovation Management Circle | Scouting & Sourcing ideas in the company

27. May 2021 10:00-11:30

How do you develop company-wide idea management and the corresponding commitment among employees? Regine Gantzert, Ideation Manager DAW, and Mito Mihelić, Head of Design Strategy Maschinenraum, will provide impulses on idea platforms, campaigns and communities.

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Innovation Management Circle | Foresight & Trend Exploration

25. March 2021 10:00–11:30

Our Innovation Management Circle goes into the next exchange meeting. Our topic this time: Foresight & Trend Exploration. We are looking forward to the impulse of Carsten Diederich, Foresight Manager of our member company DAW, and the subsequent discussion. Among other things, we will focus on the role and relevance of trend scouting and tech screening in central innovation units as well as the ideal effectiveness of foresight management.

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Innovation Management Circle | Town Hall Meeting

25. February 2021 10:00–12:00

In our Circle on Innovation Management, we bring together the key contacts for innovation in the core business. The aim of the exchange is to network among our members and share challenges and learning experiences. In the Town Hall Meeting on February 25, 2021, we would like to develop and define the topic agenda for the following Deep Dives in a joint workshop.

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Innovation Management Circle | Startups Cooperation

27. January 2021 10:00–11:30

We talk to Franziska Teubert, Managing Director of the German Startups Association, about the cooperation between startups and corporates. In addition to joint product development, there are many other ways of entering cooperation with startups. Franziska opens our eyes to the various possibilities depending on the strategy that a company is pursuing.

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Innovation Management Circle | Idea generation aside from the core business through co-creation

2. December 2020 10:00–11:30

Companies must look beyond the horizon in order to not miss out on relevant trends, changes and developments. In this circle we collect the previous experiences of the participants, but also requirements for such co-creation processes and evaluate a first joint workshop.

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Innovation Management Circle | Fast and Efficient Idea Validation in Early Phases

11. November 2020 10:00-11:30

In this Innovation Management Circle, we focus on efficient and early idea generation and validation. Following an input from Patrick Tomczak, Senior Director & Head of Digital Campusof KION GROUP, participants will have the opportunity to network and share learning experiences as well as challenges.

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Innovation Management at German Mittelstand | Challenges & Best Practices

23. September 2020 10:00–11:30

In our first circle "Innovation Management at German Mittelstand - Challenges & Best Practices" for the first time we bring together participants with different expertise: those responsible for innovation in the core businesses and experts in validating new ideas.

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