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Co-Creating the Next Generation of Mittelstand

Maschinenraum Leadership & Culture Circle brings together decision-makers, managers and other relevant contacts and experts from Maschinenraum member companies to discuss issues and challenges relating to leadership and corporate culture. The focus of the Circle is on open and confidential exchange as well as the sharing of learnings, best practices and experiences in order to learn from and with each other.

New contexts require a new understanding of leadership

The challenge

Digitalization not only changes structures, processes and technologies in companies – in particular, the lived culture changes and must change in order to establish developments sustainably and effectively. This is also accompanied by a change in leadership roles: Gone are the days of the hierarchically structured organization, today teams work self-organized and are supported by the manager as coach and enabler. But how do companies make the transition from the old leadership culture to the new leadership mindset?

The solution

We support medium-sized and family-owned companies in remaining fit for the future and in changing their corporate culture accordingly from the inside out. In Maschinenraum Leadership & Culture Circle, member companies learn from each other's experiences.


Involving top management

The culture of a company is largely shaped and exemplified by its top management. Sustainable change needs commitment from top management


From old to new

The development from an old to a new, transformed culture is a process with many elements. This complexity must be mastered successfully, with all that entails


New skills

New leadership methods require new skills – for this reason, leadership development must be sustainably established in the company


Living reality

By translating new leadership principles into concrete and tangible actions, managers can implement them in their daily work

Maschinenraum Leadership & Culture Circle

answers questions…

  • How do I formulate Leadership Principles that are understandable and transferable into everyday life?

  • What are success factors in transforming my leadership culture?

  • How do I build a sustainable talent management system?

  • How do I involve top management in the culture change?

  • How do I set up my Leadership Academy?

  • How do I design my performance management in the company?


Online I Past event

Leadership & Culture Circle | Customer-centric corporate culture

08. June 2021 10:00-11:30
How do I create a customer-centric organization in which all employees are jointly aligned with the customer? Olaf Schmitz, Interim SVP Product Line Organization at Viessmann, formerly Head of Business Development at Amazon Europe, among others, explains suitable routines and integration possibilities in daily work based on three use cases on completed transformation processes.

Online I Past event

Leadership & Culture Circle | Town Hall

21. April 2021 10:00-12:00
Following the kick-off of the format, the Maschinenraum Leadership & Culture Circle is planning the topics for the coming months. The Town Hall serves to collect the current challenges of the participants in a joint workshop, to exchange ideas and to establish the topic agenda. The Town Hall also offers the opportunity for Circle members to get to know each other better.

Online I Past event

Leadership & Culture Circle | Kick-Off

24. March 2021 10:00-11:30
With the launch of the new Maschinenraum Circle Leadership & Culture, we bring together all relevant contacts and experts from Maschinenraum member companies to exchange ideas on this topic for the first time. The aim of the Circle and this event is to connect the experts with each other and to share experiences, challenges and best practices.

Contact person

Eva Mettenmeier, Director

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