Maschinenraum Strategy Circle

Co-Creating the Next Generation of Mittelstand

The Maschinenraum Strategy Circle brings together decision-makers, executives and other relevant contacts and experts from Maschinenraum member companies to discuss issues and challenges relating to corporate strategy and purpose. The focus of the Circle is on an open and confidential exchange as well as the sharing of learnings, best practices and experiences in order to learn from and with each other.

Planning in unplannable times

The challenge

The world is spinning faster and faster. Entire markets and competitive fields are changing with it – constant change seems to be the only constant. In this time of uncertainty, how do you keep a company agile and responsive while developing and implementing a binding strategy?

The solution

We help Mittelstand and family-owned companies remain agile as well as future-proof and turn their defined business strategy into reality. In the Maschinenraum Strategy Circle, member companies learn from each other's experiences.


Finding the Purpose

The "why" is the basis for every company's self-image. The defined values and foundations act as a guidepost for everything that is done.


Participative strategy processes

Today, it is no longer just management that knows the corporate strategy – there is transparency about goals as well as ownership in achieving them.


Transparency & Communication

One component of modern corporate management is clear and transparent communication of strategies and measures.


Operationalization of the strategy

Translating theory into practice – with relevant key figures, reporting and responsibilities for the best possible result.

Maschinenraum Strategy Circle

answers questions like...

  • Planning in unplannable times – how do other companies deal with uncertainty?

  • How do we bring our digital and corporate strategy together?  

  • How do I approach the development of a company-wide Purpose-creation?

  • How do I operationalize our corporate strategy?

  • What are the opportunities for automation in the planning process?

  • Which KPIs, routines and methods are suitable for measuring goals?


Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Strategy Circle | New business strategy in the overall strategy

22. June 2021 10:00-11:30

"How do I shape the coexistence of new business initiatives on the one hand and traditional core business on the other, and what can a functioning strategic, organizational and cultural framework for this look like? We discuss these questions with Philipp Hoff, Head of Corporate Development & Digital at Basalt-Aktien-Gesellschaft, and Andreas Rau, VP Corporate Development & New Business at Phoenix Contact."

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Strategy Circle | Open Champion - Cooperation as a corporate strategy

26. May 2021 10:00-11:30

"On the way from Hidden to Open Champion, the following applies: less secrecy, more collaboration. Andreas Schiemann, CEO at Marantec, shares in the Circle how the Marantec Group is meeting future challenges with an Open Champion strategy, thus actively shaping the future itself and continuing the economic and social contribution that Mittelstand makes."

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Strategy Circle | Town Hall Meeting

14. April 2021 10:00-12:00
After the kickoff of the Strategy Circle comes the Town Hall Meeting which defines the topics for the upcoming Deep Dives: In the joint workshop, Circle members have the opportunity to exchange ideas on their current challenges and develop the agenda for the coming months. The exchange also offers the opportunity to get to know each other better and to network among the strategy managers and experts of our member companies.

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Strategy Circle | Operationalization of Corporate Strategy

9. March 2021 16:00-17:30
Formulating and planning a corporate strategy is one thing - but how do you successfully implement it? We are launching the Maschinenraum Strategy Circle with the topic "Operationalization of Corporate Strategy" and look forward to expert input from Conrad Wiedeler, Director Strategy, and Frank Schikarski, Director Business Operations and Performance, who will provide an insight into strategy work at Viessmann. We will talk about empirical values and approaches to operationalization and about setting up KPIs for measurement and assessment. The Maschinenraum Strategy Circle is aimed at those responsible for corporate management, strategy and corporate development. We are looking forward to the exchange!

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Eva Mettenmeier, Director

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