Exchange Program: Navigate Corona

We believe that German Mittelstand and family businesses should share learnings and join forces especially in the current Corona crisis. That’s why we started a program to exchange on most pressing topics and to coordinate initiatives to fight the virus. The program is open to members and non-members of Maschinenraum.

Focus Topics:

How to engage with employees?

Focus Topics:

How to organise remote work?

Focus Topics:

How to mitigate cyber security risks?

Focus Topics:

What are best-practices communication formats?

Focus Topics:

How to digitally educate employees?

Focus Topics:

How to measure impact of corona initiatives?

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COVID-19 Practices

We identify, aggregate and discuss common challenges and questions that companies are facing in their organisations at the moment. Together we share best-practices, solutions and expertise to professionally coordinate the crisis internally.

We organise virtual exchange formats bringing subject-matter experts of different Mittelstand companies together.

Companies work on:

Breathing masks

Companies work on:


Companies work on:

Office hacks (e.g., hand free door-opener)

Companies work on:

Face shields

Companies work on:

Intensive care units

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COVID-19 Actions

We help to accelerate initiatives to produce rare medical products to fight the virus. We share ongoing initiatives, aggregate spare resources and connect to solution enablers (e.g. 3D printing) across industries.

We cooperate with global initiatives to support matching demands with free capacities of German Mittelstand companies.

COVID-19 Community

We open our virtual Mittelstand community to connect with others and to share documents, news and other insights. We help to connect decision-makers and employees across organisations.

Online Exchange

Internal Communication

Past event
Internal communication in times of uncertainty. We will exchange experiences about applied formats and tools, content creation as well as success factors and pitfalls.

Online Exchange

IT Services and Governance

Past event
IT Services in times of new and remote working models. We exchange on organizational needs and rising demands to cyber security.

Join our Navigate Corona Formats

Virtual Formats

Together with leading Mittelstand companies we identified and started exchanging on four major topics.


Internal Communication: Formats & Technology

Sharing of comprehensive and transparent communication formats that help to promote cohesion and keep employees up-to-date. Discussing technologies that work best to reach remote workers.


IT Services: Data Security & Cyber Crime

Exchanging on upcoming patterns of cyber crime. Discussing data security issues during remote work and ways how to handle hardware lease.


Remote Work: Organisation & Motivation

Discussing tools and routines to enable efficient remote work. Share best-practices to keep-up employees motivation and mental health.


Chances: Trends & Hypotheses

Share insights on trends that are accelerated by COVID-19. Discuss hypotheses how the business- and stakeholder models look after the crisis.

Call to Action

Maschinenraum is a shared innovation-ecosystem for German Mittelstand and family-businesses. We curate formats to exchange and practically address innovation topics.

During the Corona crisis we strive for open exchange that goes beyond our members to accelerate learnings and increase impact.

Write us to join the Navigate Corona formats

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