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IT Services in times of new and remote working models. We exchange on organizational needs and rising risks of cyber security threats.

May 27, 2020

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Event Details

In times of new and remote working models, our IT departments are facing new organizational demands to implement and scale new hardware and software solutions fast. We exchange on:

  • Implementation practices of enterprise software (as a service) and its operations

  • New and scalable device/client strategies

  • Answers to manage threats of cyber security & data privacy

We are also happy to have Alexander Pöllmann

With this event we especially target IT Service decision maker & topic owners of Mittelstand companies.


Alexander Pöllmann

Head of Intranet and Collaboration Services @Viessmann Group

Alexander has led many IT projects shaping the recent corporate transformation of Viessmann from its very beginning. Alexander was responsible for IT projects such as “Future Workplace” and introduced the G Suite as well as productivity tools such as asana. Today he is heading all intranet and collaboration services of the “12.000 family members” strong Viessmann Group.


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