Podcast "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum"

Episode #1: Frank Stührenberg

Podcast Episode #1

Frank Stührenberg, Phoenix Contact: "Why it's so important to not be satisfied"

CEO at Phoenix Contact

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Episode Notes

It is a prime example of a hidden champion: The Phoenix Contact Group from Blomberg in East Westphalia is the world market leader for modular terminal blocks - and yet few people in Germany know about it. The family-owned company generates annual sales of 2.5 billion euros and has over 17,000 employees worldwide. Since 2015, the group has been headed by a managing director who does not come from the family: Frank Stührenberg. He has to make the traditional company fit for a future in which the markets are changing ever faster, new competitors are appearing on the scene and completely new qualifications are in demand among the employees. In the podcast "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum", he talks about what links him to Elon Musk, why 3D printing is both a problem and an opportunity - and why a company should think about new things when the old business is still going strong.

Frank Stührenberg

Frank Stuehrenberg, born in 1963, studied Economic Sciences with a main focus on Business Informatics at the University of Paderborn, Germany. Frank Stuehrenberg has been working at Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG since 1992. He started his career at Nixdorf Computer AG in 1989. In 1992, he joined Phoenix Contact as Assistant to the Management of Sales, Marketing and Development. In 1995, he became Director of the International Key Account Management and 1998 Director of National Sales. In 2001, Frank Stührenberg was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of Phoenix Contact and since January 1, 2015, he has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

About the podcast

How can the origin and future of Mittelstand companies be courageously united? What are the challenges facing family businesses and what experiences do they gather in digital transformation? These questions are answered by "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum", the interview podcast for German Mittelstand*. Once a month, Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum, and Nils Kreimeier, Senior Editor of the business magazine Capital, talk to thought leaders and makers from the heart of the German economy and focus on the personalities and their motivation. *The podcast is in German.

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