Podcast "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum"

Episode #6: Marie Langer from EOS

Podcast Episode #6

Marie Langer: The freedom of the successor


Episode notes

There are people for whom it is a heavy burden having to take over the management of a family business. And there are people like Marie Langer – who since October 2019 has been the boss of EOS, a pioneer in additive manufacturing, industrial 3D printing. For Langer, her new role is an opportunity, as she tells the podcast "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum". An opportunity to work more collaboratively, an opportunity to design more sustainable products. And all with technology that could lead to a revolution in manufacturing. Away from long, international supply chains and back to local manufacturing very close to development. Langer talks about how she works with her father, the founder of the company, why you don't have to be a technical expert to find a basis for conversation with the experts, and why management should always be fun. In the podcast – with Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum and Capital editor Nils Kreimeier.

About the Podcast

How can the origin and future of Mittelstand companies be courageously united? What are the challenges facing family businesses and what experiences do they gather in digital transformation? These questions are answered by "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum", the interview podcast for German Mittelstand*. Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum, and Nils Kreimeier, Senior Editor of the business magazine Capital, talk to thought leaders and makers from the heart of the German economy and focus on the personalities and their motivation. *The podcast is in German.

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