Podcast "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum"

Episode #7: Werner Conrad

Podcast Episode #7

Werner Conrad, Conrad Electronic: "My grandfather already did multi-channel"

Werner Conrad: Chairman of the Board of Directors

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He is the mail-order king among German electronics retailers: Conrad Electronic relied on an order catalogue early on and shipped tens of thousands of items. But even such a company has to rethink in the face of competition from Amazon and others, as today's company boss Werner Conrad tells us in the podcast "Alles Neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum". A big issue: "The last 15 years have been characterized by showing the customer everything there is. But we are finding that people are overwhelmed by the overflowing offer," says Conrad. The entrepreneur is therefore now focusing on curated offers for some and a broad assortment for others. "My grandfather already did multi-channel," says Conrad. But now it's about playing to one's own strengths vis-à-vis the big platforms – contact with the customer, advantages in the procurement process for business customers. Conrad explains what he finds ingenious about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, which employees you have to part with and why he brought a 26-year-old female entrepreneur onto the company's board of directors. In the podcast – with Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum and Capital editor Nils Kreimeier.

Werner Conrad

Werner Conrad joined the Conrad Group as a managing partner in 1993 and managed the company's fortunes for over 20 years, primarily driving its transformation into one of the leading online companies for technology and electronics and the expansion of its international business. Prior to that, he was a member of the management board of today's online technology retailer Völkner Electronic and held various other professional positions abroad, mainly in Asia. During and after his studies in business administration, he gained experience in the media sector, particularly in broadcasting. From 2018 to 2020, he again led the company Conrad Electronic as CEO and pushed the intensive digitization. He closely accompanied the further focus on the business customer segment and the associated development and expansion of the Conrad Sourcing Platform into the leading European B2B procurement platform for technical business supplies. In January 2021, he again took over as Chairman of the Board of Directors.


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