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Employer Branding

Every employer is looking for and wants to attract them: the right and suitable people for the company. It is a challenge that many firms have to face today. Because at a time when talent is not only hard to find, but the world of work is also changing and making new demands, creative and, above all, data-driven solutions are needed to fill key positions in a short time. And the best part is: the data we need as a company is often at our fingertips.

January 19, 2021

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

In this session of our Recruitment Circle, we dedicated ourselves to the topic of Employer Branding. Annika Seufert and Leonie Woltering from Viessmann answered all questions. The top findings from the exchange:

  • Real employees are the best brand ambassadors and tell authentic stories.

  • Employer Branding not only appeals to potential candidates but also helps existing employees identify with the employer!

  • Personas help to address the right candidates. This means putting yourself in the shoes of these people: What media do they consume? What benefits and job factors are most important to them? What do they do outside of work & what makes them tick?

  • The best reality check for the messages developed are close: your own colleagues and employees can best assess whether campaigns represent the company and are appealing to the target group

We thank Annika and Leonie for sharing their experiences and our member companies for the open exchange!

"With a background in psychology and cultural studies, the topic of people and their needs to be understood is my fundamental interest from my education on. After gaining experience in the areas of corporate communications, HR and recruiting, I have now found the perfect fit for my skills in employer branding. Together with Viessmann, I have established employer branding as a central HR topic in the company and I am happy every day to inspire people and develop Viessmann into an attractive employer brand."

Leonie Woltering


"I have always been fascinated by the conscious and unconscious motivations for people's decisions. I have also pursued and deepened this interest during my training. After gaining my very first insights into internal corporate communications and personnel development, I have now found my passion in this work through my studies and my first practical experience in employer branding. Developing Viessmann's employer brand further, filling it with life and making it tangible for everyone fulfills me every day."

Annika Seufert


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Eva Mettenmeier, Director

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