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Candidate Journey

The topic of our last recruitment circle was “Candidate Journey” or: How talents become applicants. In the workshop, Aylin Bruns and Lars Wolfram from talentsconnect gave our participants an insights into their learnings from 3 million user data, such as:

November 17, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Candidate Journey


  • The bounce rate on career pages is often 50% - that means every second person who visits the page leaves it immediately.

  • The number of applicants can be increased by 20% if the additional button is labeled with “I want the job” instead of “Apply now”.

    Comparable data has long been analyzed by giants like Amazon or Zalando and the user experience has been optimized accordingly - this is also possible in the candidate journey, according to the key take-away of the workshop. It is important to focus on the individual user needs on each touchpoint.

    Many thanks to Aylin & Lars for the impulse and to our participants for the great exchange!

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