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Maschinenraum wins the world market leader for temperature control units as a member

press release | 18.01.2021

LAUDA, the world market leader for precise temperature control, is joining Maschinenraum with immediate effect. Through the new partnership, the temperature control equipment and systems manufacturer aims to further drive digital transformation and the accompanying cultural change, as well as test new approaches to product development through co-creation with other member companies.

As a platform from SMEs for SMEs, Maschinenraum, which opened its doors in March 2020, was able to attract more than 21 member companies last year, who are jointly pursuing the goal of shaping the next generation of SMEs. LAUDA is another member company that has now come on board Maschinenraum.

"LAUDA is what you call a true hidden champion. As a global market leader, LAUDA has consistently developed in its industry in recent years and, with Dr. Gunther Wobser, at the same time has someone at the top of the company who exemplifies the themes of innovation and disruption. His recently published book "Neu Erfinden" is an expression of his future-oriented way of thinking for medium-sized companies. I am therefore very pleased that we can welcome LAUDA as a new member company at Maschinenraum," says Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum. 

For the temperature control specialist, which was founded in 1956 in Lauda-Königshofen in Baden-Württemberg, membership at Maschinenraum is another important milestone in its own transformation process. In the recent past, the company has already been able to implement a number of successful innovation initiatives, such as the establishment of its own innovation lab in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, profitable cooperation with startups and the introduction of systematic idea management for the company.

In the coming year, the main focus will be on networking with other medium-sized companies and exchanging experiences on best practices. Furthermore, an access to potential co-creation with partners of Maschinenraum as well as a further development of own digital transformation understanding will be strived for through the membership. 

"The exchange with other, like-minded medium-sized companies offers us the opportunity to intensify our innovation strategy," explains LAUDA Managing Partner Dr. Gunther Wobser. "Through best practices in various innovation areas, we can learn together, share our knowledge and thus build a network of sparring partners in the Maschinenraum ecosystem, which will help us to deeply establish the topic of innovation in LAUDA's culture," continues Dr. Gunther Wobser. "We are looking forward to working with Maschinenraum to sharpen our own digital understanding, develop and drive future topics, create new projects and launch collaborations in direct exchange with German SMEs. What I like about Viessmann is not only its pioneering role, but also its enthusiasm for temperatures."

About Maschinenraum:

Maschinenraum is a shared innovation ecosystem that brings together German mid-sized and family-owned companies to work together to create a livable future for future generations. As a catalyst of industrial change, Maschinenraum supports companies by sharing resources, methods and infrastructures. With its network and knowledge of established companies, startups, and innovation drivers, Maschinenraum enables its members to learn from each other and work together to shape the next generation of the middle market. Born out of the transformation story of the Viessmann Group, Maschinenraum is a neutral platform from the midmarket for the midmarket.

About LAUDA:

We are LAUDA - world market leader for precise temperature control. Our temperature control units and heating/cooling systems are at the heart of many applications. As a full-range supplier, we ensure the optimum temperature in research, production and quality control. We are the reliable partner especially in the automotive, chemical/pharmaceutical, semiconductor and laboratory/medical technology industries. With competent advice and innovative, environmentally friendly concepts, we have been inspiring our customers anew every day for over 60 years - worldwide.

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