Design Thinking at German Mittelstand

User Centricity

Insights on cultural transformation at Viessmann, showing successful use-cases influencing customer centricity, using i.e. Design Thinking.

26. Mai 2020

10:30 – 12:00

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Numerous agencies offer Design Thinking workshops in their portfolio which serve as a good starting point to detect users' needs, however do not give a clear guidance on the implementation process of user-centered culture and innovation management of produced ideas while brainstorming. Middle sized companies and larger organizations are facing variety of challenges in their digital transformation. We will share the Viessmann story and reveal an exemplary journey from the first workshop to an overall established culture, based on the needs of customers.


Mito Mihelič

Head of Design Strategy @Maschinenraum

Mito Mihelic established a Design Thinking department at Viessmann Group, being responsible for the roll-out of the user-centered methodology. His main tasks were co-creation of cultural change within the traditional ‘‘mittelstand’’ environment as well as boosting employees’ creative confidence when facing either existing or new initiatives. He was heading User Lab at VC/O, Viessmann, focusing on qualitative research in the international end-customer field. Trained communication designer, he also coaches at the Hasso Plattner Academy and is a visiting professor at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau.


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