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Maschinenraum is a shared ecosystem from family businesses for family businesses. We bring together the most courageous German-speaking companies with more than 450,000 employees to connect and share experiences, knowledge, resources and capabilities.

We support each other in all core areas of transformation. Together, we learn, grow, and shape the future. We work across regions, industries, companies, departments, and hierarchies.


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Our focus at Maschinenraum

Maschinenraum Zusammenarbeiten

Sharing experiences & knowledge

Peer-to-peer learning

80% of the challenges faced by family businesses are similar. Maschinenraum provides a secure space for German-speaking family businesses and their employees to connect, exchange ideas and learn. We consolidate questions, share best practices and solve challenges together – through exchange within the departments, transcending hierarchies, and through targeted networking.

How it works
Maschinenraum Vortrag

Sharing resources & capabilities

We join forces together

Transformation means modernization and new approaches throughout all departments. We support each other punctually in the essential core areas of transformation by jointly building resources and capabilities. We join forces and leverage synergies in specific areas to become faster and better together.

How it works
Maschinenraum Gebäude

Maschinenraum space

Our hub in Berlin

In Europe, Berlin stands out as the capital with the most exciting innovation and startup scene. Many family businesses seek proximity to startups, international talent, and a place to innovate away from existing structures and routines. Together, we share this infrastructure in Berlin. On 4,500 m², an old factory building has been transformed into the most dynamic hub for family businesses, international startups, and investors. A unique place for work and networking, as well as workshops, events, or other special occasions.

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What our members say about Maschinenraum

"At Maschinenraum, we seek exchange with companies from different industries that have had similar experiences with digitalization or are currently undergoing it. The focus on medium-sized and family businesses, who share many values as like-minded people, enables this in a unique way."

Laura Sasse

Dr. Laura Sasse

CDO & Member of the board, Dr. Sasse Gruppe

"At Maschinenraum, we network with like-minded people and actively want to make a difference. Behind this is the belief that we can drive transformation for our company, but also for the entire medium-sized sector, only by doing so. All members share this mindset; everyone wants to make an impact."

Kerstin Hochmüller

CEO, Marantec Company Group

"We are convinced that together we can achieve more. We joined Maschinenraum to share our own experiences, benefit from the experiences of others, and initiate collaborations to boldly shape the future."

Andreas Krengel

Andreas Krengel

Board member, WEPA Gruppe

"As a medium-sized company, we are constantly aligning ourselves with new framework conditions and challenges. In this context, we are very much looking forward to the exchange with other companies at Maschinenraum."

Andreas Sennheiser

Andreas Sennheiser

Co-CEO, Sennheiser Gruppe

„Maschinenraum is a great opportunity for us, on the one hand, to meet companies that have similar challenges – for the exchange of know-how, but also to see: we are not alone in this. If we have common issues, why shouldn't we also find common solutions!"

Per Ledermann

CEO, Edding AG

"It is so important that SMEs, as the backbone of the German economy, shape the transformation and change now: Not fearfully, but courageously. Not passively, but actively. Not alone, but together. And that is precisely what Maschinenraum stands for. For German courage instead of German fear."

Max Viessmann

CEO, Viessmann Group


Frequently asked questions

How can our family business become a member How was Maschinenraum established? Which companies can join? How does the exchange work in practice? Answers to these questions and many others can be found in our Maschinenraum FAQ.

Maschinenraum FAQ
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Eva Mettenmeier and Tobias Rappers
Managing Directors

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