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Maschinenraum is a shared innovation ecosystem, bringing together German Mittelstand and family-owned businesses in order to jointly develop new realities and drive their digital transformation. As a catalyst for industrial change, Maschinenraum supports companies by sharing resources, methods and infrastructures. With its network and knowledge from established companies, startups and innovators, Maschinenraum enables its members to learn from each other and shape the next generation of Mittelstand together.

Representative office

within Germany's most vibrant innovation ecosystem


for teams from core organisations or innovation vehicles

Workshops & trainings

in a creative and inspiring, yet functional space

Host events

for own formats or participate in relevant formats of others

Connect with peers

and other family businesses as well as their innovation scene

Recruit digital talent

and meet a network of implementation partners


yourself in our community and build your own innovation ecosystem

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Building Awareness & Connections

We believe that in a highly complex and increasingly dynamic world, even the most innovative and successful companies of today have difficulty in understanding technological, environmental and social challenges and reacting with the right decisions for tomorrow.

Maschinenraum creates impact by connecting Mittelstand- and thought leaders across subjects to share perspectives and new realities. We offer inspiring space to work outside existing structures and routines on new digital solutions with new methods and approaches.

Exchange with decision-makers

directly or on a working level between companies


of focus topics and similar challenges across industry boundaries

Joint learning

through exchange and formats such as CxO round tables and workshops


of decision-makers and subject-matter experts

Team up

with proven implementation partners, technical experts or solution providers

Workshops & trainings

on topics dominating the agendas of organisations

Continuous digital exchange

through our digital platform - the Maschinenraum App

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Shaping Mindsets & Agendas

We believe that different organisations face similar challenges or problems and that sharing experiences and solutions is mutually beneficial.

Maschinenraum blends and balances experiences of different companies to systematise topics and knowledge. We curate formats for exchange or joint work and identify best solutions worth sharing. We provide decision-makers with clarity of making better decisions to drive positive change.

Validation sprints

for a systematic and efficient validation of ideas

Interview and research

experience to identify real customer needs

Synthesis and creativity

for all phases within your individual innovation process

Network of experts

for all phases within the individual innovation process

Project management

for seamless communication throughout the process

Co-creation projects

to develop sustainable solutions by two companies

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Facilitating Execution & Collective Actions

We believe that ideas need to be executed faster and validated more thoroughly before they are implemented with high resource input. Often resources, skills, methods or time are lacking to systematically validate ideas.

Maschinenraum facilitates new projects and collaborative actions, and offers access to required resources and methods. We aggregate processes to increase reliability, efficiency and the possibility to identify ideas for joint implementation.

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Our Focus Topics

The potential for a sustainable transformation of organisations exists at the intersection of different challenges and topics. Progress will come through continuously exploring and gaining clarity about this context.

We continuously evolve around the topics highlighted in our Maschinenraum Context Canvas. Download it below to find out more.

Host your event here

Our inspiring workshop and event spaces are equipped with the latest event technology and flexible furniture that can be arranged according to the size and needs of your event. We also offer you best-in-class event services.

Work from Maschinenraum

We believe that innovation needs space to foster impactful work. On 4.500 m², our co-innovation floors offer fully-equipped studios and open-space desks to enable collaborative and focused work alike.

Change Your Movements

At Maschinenraum we make sure not just to provide you with the latest methodology and tools, but we connect you with the right peers across industries to discuss and adjust its sustainable implementation. We ensure a steep learning curve for your whole organisation, based on best-practices from other Mittelstand companies.

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