Podcast „Alles neu…? Aus dem Maschinenraum“

How can the origin and future of Mittelstand companies be courageously united? What are the challenges facing family businesses and what experiences do they gather in digital transformation? These questions are answered by "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum", the interview podcast for German Mittelstand*. Tobias Rappers, Managing Director of Maschinenraum, and Nils Kreimeier, Senior Editor of the business magazine Capital, talk to thought leaders and makers from the heart of the German economy and focus on the personalities and their motivation.
*The podcast is in German.

Podcast | Episode 1

Frank Stührenberg, CEO at Phoenix Contact

It is a prime example of a hidden champion: The Phoenix Contact Group from Blomberg in East Westphalia is the world market leader for modular terminal blocks - and yet few people in Germany know about it. The family-owned company generates annual sales of 2.5 billion euros and has over 17,000 employees worldwide. Since 2015, the group has been headed by a managing director who does not come from the family: Frank Stührenberg. He has to make the traditional company fit for a future in which the markets are changing ever faster, new competitors are appearing on the scene and completely new qualifications are in demand among the employees. In the podcast "Alles neu...? Aus dem Maschinenraum", he talks about what links him to Elon Musk, why 3D printing is both a problem and an opportunity - and why a company should think about new things when the old business is still going strong.

Since August 2019, Tobias Rappers is Managing Director of Maschinenraum and Head of Viessmann's Innovation Ecosystem. Having grown up in Duisburg in the haze of his own family business, he would like to unite medium-sized family businesses with Maschinenraum in order to drive forward the transformation of Mittelstand-companies and enable innovation. Previously, Rappers worked for the management consultancy Roland Berger since 2012, where he was most recently Managing Director of Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH, a joint partnership of Roland Berger & Visa Inc. Rappers studied Business Administration in Ingolstadt, Cape Town, India and Leipzig and graduated with a Master of Science degree as the best graduate.

Tobias Rappers (on the left)

Managing Director Maschinenraum

Nils Kreimeier learned the journalistic craft as a trainee at Süddeutsche Zeitung. From 2003 to 2012, he worked at Financial Times Deutschland, most recently as senior editor in the foreign department. Since the beginning of 2013, Kreimeier has been a member of the team at business magazine Capital in Berlin, where he focuses on topics relating to the automotive industry and digitalization. Among other things, he and his team have for several years been responsible for the ranking of German digital labs which are regularly recognized by Capital. In addition to the print magazine, Kreimeier also works as an editor for various podcast formats, including the business format "Die Stunde Null" and the SME podcast "Alles Neu", which he helped develop. He is a hopeless fan of the 1st FC Köln.

Nils Kreimeier (on the right)

Senior Editor at Capital

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